9 Of The Best Exercises & Workouts That Burn The Most Calories!


Written by: Liz Brown - May. 17, 2021

workouts that burn the most calories  

If there’s one thing most people on their weight loss journey have in common, it’s to burn as many calories they can in as little time as possible. Here’s the thing about weight loss—it’s not easy. It requires hard work, dedication, and time. But, there is something you can do to speed up the process a little bit. All you need to do is incorporate certain workouts that burn the most calories, or at least have been shown to burn more compared to other forms of exercise. This way, you can maximize your calorie burn and minimize the time spent doing it! Here are top exercises that burn the most calories that you can try to speed your progress!

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1. Running

Rumor has it that running is one of the top workouts that burn the most calories. And it’s true! Running has maintained a shining reputation over the last century or so for improving cardiovascular endurance, building strong bones, and strengthening your muscles. Eventually, we learned that running is not only great for your overall health, but its even better at blasting fat. In fact, running can burn around 300 calories (running an average 8-min mile) for a 125lb individual and up to 555 calories for people that weigh 185lbs in just 30 minutes. [1] What’s even better is that running doesn’t cost a thing! You can run just about anywhere and there are several types of running you can try. Be sure to check out this blog on running for beginners to learn about which running style is best for you and your goals. 

2. Bicycling 

We’ve all seen crews of cyclists on the roads, right? While it can be frustrating trying to drive around them, here’s some advice—if you can’t beat em, join em! Cycling is another one of the best exercises that burn the most calories because it keeps your heart rate steady for a long period of time without burning out. Outdoor cycling also has the added challenge of uneven surfaces. Have you ever tried to bike up a hill? Well, next time you feel like giving up, just remember that you’re burning even more calories! Cycling on a flat surface for 30 minutes at a steady pace of 15 mph can burn 300-450 calories, depending on your weight. [1]

3. Circuit Training

Circuit training is perhaps one of my favorite workouts that burn the most calories because it breaks up the monotony of doing the same movement over and over again and keeps things interesting. Circuit training is when you perform a variety of different exercises or movements back-to-back for a certain period of time, with little to no rest in between sets. Here’s an example of how to structure a circuit training workout with some common exercises:

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and move onto the next exercise. Complete 5 rounds of each exercise for 30 minutes total

  • Pushups 
  • Air squats
  • Tricep dips
  • Sit ups
  • Lunges

Circuit training can also be done just about anywhere, especially if you’re using your own bodyweight. Check out some of these great circuit training workouts! Circuit training can be exhausting, so it’s always best to replenish your body and muscles with a high quality collagen peptide powder, like Super Youth. Collagen has been shown to help speed muscle recovery, aids in weight loss, and even helps support joint and bone health. 

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4. Jump Rope

Have you ever tried jumping rope? Not only does jumping rope burn an insane amount of calories, but it requires a ton of coordination which makes for a great workout! Just 30 minutes of jumping rope can burn 300-450 calories in just 30 minutes. 

5. Stationary Bike

If you prefer to stay put with your workouts, you’ll love the stationary bicycle. You can find them at most gyms or fitness centers and they are very low impact—perfect for people who may have mobility or knee problems. You can actually burn 210-310 calories at a moderate intensity and up to 315-460 calories with vigorous intensity. [1]

6. Aerobic Dance

Where are all my dancers at?! You know who you are! If you love to shake your groove thang, then aerobic dance will be one of the best exercises to burn the most calories for you! Aerobic dance keeps your heart rate up and is packed full of fun and sassy movements that can really take your mind off the, err, “fitness” part of the workout. Sure, aerobic dance might not be considered a “sport” that burns the most calories, but it certainly seems to be popular enough to give some of them a run of their money! Aerobic dance was first made popular in the 80s with Jane Fonda’s Workout Book and has since exploded across the nation. Now, you can find aerobic dance classes like Zumba, Jazzercise, and Hip Hop offered in almost every chain gym. 

7. Swimming

Calling all water-lovers! It’s your time to shine! Swimming is, hands down, one of the top sports that burn the most calories that is accessible to most anyone! Take it from Michael Phelps who has reported to have burned a whopping 3,000 calories per DAY during his Olympic training. In case you didn’t know, that’s almost one whole pound! Now, I know that 99.9% of you won’t be training at this level, but still, it just shows the potential of how many calories you can actually burn while swimming. Swimming laps can burn anywhere from 350-460 calories in just 30 minutes. [1]

8. Hiking

If you live in an area with amazing scenery, you’ve got to start hiking more if you’re looking for one of the best workouts to burn the most calories! Hiking improves your cardiovascular endurance and is a great workout for your legs and booty! Hiking (or even uphill walking) can even be done on the treadmill if the weather is poor or if you’re looking for a safer option.

9. Calisthenics 

The last, and perhaps most challenging, workouts that burn the most calories is calisthenics. If you’re not familiar with calisthenics, think of this as challenging bodyweight exercises. These types of exercises require immense strength and skill but can be extremely beneficial for burning calories, building muscle, and increasing overall strength. 

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