7 Signs You Need To Detox For Better Health (+ How To Fix)


Written by: Liz Brown - Feb. 8, 2021

Signs you need to detox  

The detox trend has left many people buzzing with anticipation of shedding excess pounds, losing water weight, and resetting their body after a long weekend of indulging. But there’s a right way to detox and a wrong way, and your outcomes largely depend on what I’m about to say… 

What if I told you that your body needs to detox more often than just the moments you need to fit into that dress for your best friend’s wedding? 

Would you be able to spot the signs and symptoms?

It’s easy to misread your body’s signals when it’s calling for a detox, because they are similar to PMS symptoms, or they happen so frequently that we simply dismiss them.

So, how can you tell if it’s time for a detox? Before we get into this, it’s important to understand what a detox is and the benefits it can have on your body.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Detox?

Simply put, detoxification is when you rid your body of impurities and toxins that have accumulated over time. Toxins are potentially harmful substances we come into contact with every day—from pesticides on your produce and pollutants in the air, to the perfume you spray yourself with, toxins are unavoidable. 

Now, before you swear off the outside world, there is some good news. Your body is fully equipped to detoxify itself. However, if you’re carelessly exposing yourself to environmental toxins and skimping on nutrients and proper hydration, your body’s natural detoxification system can be inhibited.

This is a huge problem for a lot of people that attempt a detox. It’s important to remember that you can’t expect your body to get rid of all the junk if you keep giving it more junk. It’s like trying to clean a glass with dirty water. It just doesn’t work. 

When you detox, make sure to incorporate high fiber foods with lots of vitamins and minerals, along with drinking plenty of water.

Detox Benefits

The most noticeable benefits from a detox are typically physical ones. Because toxins tend to build up in major organs, like your liver and stomach, you may experience more noticable changes in these areas. For example, you may experience less bloating, more energy, and clearer skin. Less fatigue, better quality sleep, and better concentration have all been associated with detoxing as well. 

When you start feeling better physically and mentally, it can become addictive and can lead to a healthier lifestyle altogether. Talk about a win-win! It is very common for people to kick bad habits that contribute to toxicity, like smoking, unhealthy eating, and drinking excess alcohol.

Signs You Need To Detox

If you’re nodding your head and checking off four or more of the symptoms below, it’s possible that you might have a congested liver in need of detoxing.  

1. Chronic headaches

How can a headache be a symptom of a diseased liver, you ask? The pain you will feel will be in the temples or the back of your head. It can often be confused with a tension headache. But to determine the true cause of this headache you should note if it is accompanied with stomach pains, the feeling of fullness, discomfort, or nausea. 

Toxins in the body can prevent the liver from performing its normal function of sending us the energy we need to the brain. This irritates the central nervous system and we experience pain and fatigue as a result. 

2. Bad Breath/ White or Yellowish Coating on Tongue

Having one or both of these symptoms might be a sign that you have a chemical buildup in your body. There are hundreds of different bacteria that live inside your mouth. Although most of them are completely normal, there are a few that can cause a thick coat of white or yellowish matter on the tongue that can also contribute to chronic bad breath, or halitosis. 

This type of bacteria is caused by poor gastrointestinal health or a diseased liver. It is very common that a diet high in fat, alcohol, sugar, and chemicals from processed foods are the underlying cause of this. When the liver is overworked, it’s unable to remove toxins as quickly as we consume it. 

Our bodies have the ability to naturally combat toxins, however, when you experience toxins in excess, your body struggles to keep up.

3. Abdominal bloating/gas

When poison doesn’t escape your body, it can stick around in the form of belly bloat and gas and cause uncomfortable stomach pains. According to Functional Medical Practitioner, Dr. Will Cole D.C.:

“Your microbiome contains a vast collection of bacteria. When you don’t have enough good bacteria, bad bacteria takes over and leads to inflammation and a slowed metabolism.”

When your digestive system is slowed down or damaged, the side effects will be very hard to ignore… Hello sweatpants!

4. Low energy/mental fog

Inflammation build up can occur when your body can’t eliminate toxins quick enough. This type of inflammation causes a condition known as “leaky brain” which occurs when there is damage to the blood-brain barrier (the filter that prevents toxic substances from reaching the brain). If you find that you aren’t able to focus or if you are experiencing chronic fatigue this might be due to toxicity in the liver.

5. Moodiness/insomnia

Adrenal fatigue is a very common side effect of a toxic liver. When your liver attempts to detox itself it goes into hyperdrive and can create stress on the adrenal glands, forcing them to overproduce or underproduce cortisol (the stress hormone). Adrenal fatigue and can cause your internal clock, or “circadian clock”, to be off. Basically what this means is that your body struggles to determine the time of day, which can lead to a lot of restless nights and cranky moments throughout the day. 

6. Skin breakouts/itchy skin

Your liver is your body’s main detoxifying organ. When there is a build up of toxins, it needs to eliminate waste in other ways. Since your skin also eliminates toxins through your sweat, you may experience issues with your skin. Breakouts, rashes, and dry skin are common side effects of excess toxins being released.  

7. Muscle aches/pains

If you’re feeling sore and achy, but haven’t been hitting the gym, you most likely have chronic inflammation. 

How To Treat Detox Symptoms

1. Eat clean

Eating clean is one of the easiest ways to start the detoxification process and continually keep your body running healthy. Choose foods that are their most natural state, like a whole, fresh peach, rather than peaches from a can. The less processed the food, the more natural it is. 

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). These micronutrients help your organs and body function more efficiently allowing your liver to properly detox. They also provide copious amounts of fiber that regulate your digestive system and flushes toxins. 

3. Eliminate added sugar, alcohol, junk food

This might seem slightly obvious when you’re trying to detox, but it’s an important reminder to leave the unhealthy diet behind you. This means eliminating foods that make it harder for your body to digest. 

4. Take care of your gut health

When it comes to detoxing, it’s important to take care of your gut. The pre- and probiotics found in Skinny Greens help activate the body’s digestive system to flush out toxins, calm bloating, and regulate your digestion. 

5. Detox naturally

When you begin a detox regime, your body will be adapting to new things which means, it will need some help regulating. Super Youth Detox is the perfect solution. It has 13 powerful superfoods that helps with excess bloating that comes with adapting to a healthier diet. What sets Super YouthDetox apart is that our blend doesn’t contain any laxatives! Which means no embarrassing moments of running to the bathroom every few minutes! 

Super Youth Detox benefits:

  • Boost metabolism and speed up calorie burn
  • Fights bloating
  • Flushes out toxins 
  • Boosts immunity
  • Nourishes skin
  • Gives you more energy without a crash

Whether you’re experiencing all of these symptoms or just one, detoxing is a great way to “wash” your body from the inside out.