Lemon Berry Peach Iced Tea Recipe With Fresh Basil


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lemon berry peach iced tea  

I remember the first time I bit into a peach. The heat was beating down on my face as my field trip buddy and I was running through the peach orchard our summer camp was visiting for the day. We spent the morning learning about how the soil and air temperature make all the difference in the sweetness of the fruit, and the rest of the afternoonpeach-picking. We ate and drank all sorts of peach-flavored things, my favorite being the peach iced tea, but nothing compared to biting into a fresh, juicy Georgia peach! It was soft and sweet, juicy and messy, and unlike anything, I’d ever tasted. My mind was blown, and to this day I’ve yet to find a peach that compares to that one.

While it’s next to impossible to replicate the perfect bite of a peach, what I have found myself fully capable of doing is recreating the delicious peach tea I had that day. (With some fun, healthy additions!) There’s just something so perfect about the tangy, sweet, citrusy notes of peach-flavored anything. Especially in the heat of summer. If you also love peaches, you’re going to love this lemon berry peach tea recipe.

How To Make Peach Iced Tea

Surprisingly, many
peach tea recipe ingredients call for an overwhelming amount of sugar. This was hard for me to grasp since peaches are naturally so sweet. Not only that, but many peach tea bags even include unwanted sugar and preservatives! Being an adult striving to be the healthiest, happiest version of myself, I pay a bit more attention to what goes into my body than my younger, peach ring candy-loving self. My signature peach iced tea for example, is such a healthier option for a delicious peach tea than store-bought ones.

The main ingredient in my peach iced tea recipe is Super Youth Detox Tea. To prepare it, simply steep one tea bag in one cup of hot water, then let it cool or chill overnight. This is the peach iced tea base because the primary flavor is lemons and berries—the perfect way to compliment peach. Once the tea is chilled, you’ll cut and cube one mango, and wash a few stems of basil. Add these ingredients to a pitcher, then top with your iced Detox tea and one cup of sparkling water. I like to use peach-flavored sparkling water to up the peach flavor, but unflavored sparkling water will make it just as delicious!

lemon berry peach iced tea

Basil & Peach Tea Health Benefits 

peach iced tea recipe is not like any other peach tea drink you’ve ever had! It includes amazing, wholesome ingredients like matcha green tea, Yerba mate, hibiscus, oolong tea, and basil! Basil is the secret weapon in this peach tea, and what makes it stand out against every other tea you’ve tried. It helps enhance the sweetness of the peach tea and is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.

All of these ingredients uniquely help to: 

  • Boost Metabolism—studies have shown that matcha green tea can help regulate and improve overall metabolism. [1].
  • Increase Energy—Yerba mate has been shown to increase energy expenditure, allowing you to stay motivated and energized to tackle your goals! [2].
  • Immune Boost—hibiscus is a known immune booster, and extracts of this plant are often used in medicine for its high Vitamin C content.  [3].
  • Reduce Stress—oolong tea has been shown to reduce stress response thanks to its high antioxidant count.  [4].
  • Improve Respiratory Function—medicinal herbs like basil have been shown to help improve and soothe respiratory function and infections. [5].
  • Relieve Bloating—herbs, such as the ones included in this peach tea recipe I’ve created, have been shown to help reduce bloating. [6].

lemon berry peach iced tea


1 pitcher

5 mins

5 mins

10 mins

Lemon Berry Peach Iced Tea With Basil



  • 1 cup Detox, brewed and chilled
  • 1 cup peach flavored sparkling soda water
  • 1 mango, cubed4-6 basil leaves
  • Ice


  1. Add cubed mangos and basil leaves to a pitcher. Fill with Detox and sparkling water. Mix and enjoy
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