Can You Mix Super Youth Products Together? (+Our Favorite Combos!)


Written by: Samantha Wasielewski - Sep. 8, 2020

can you mix super youth products together  

If you want to reach your health goals quicker and save some serious time while doing it, you’ve come to the right place! Super Youth products were designed with you and your lifestyle in mind and can be easily combined to reach your goals faster in the most convenient way possible. We know you’re busy, so we put together three of the most delicious Super Youth combinations that will have your taste buds dancing and your schedule giving you gratitude.By combining the Super Youth products you already know and love, you’re packing in all the amazing benefits into one, conveniently beneficial beverage!

can you mix super youth products together

Best Super Youth Mix-And-Match Combos

Here at Super Youth, we created our very own “taste testing lab” (aka our kitchen 😜), to try pretty much every flavor combination there is. From our delicious Detox Tea, to our “taste of the tropics” Collagen Peptides, we’ve conjured up enough time-saving combos that’s sure to match any taste bud on the planet!And not to brag, but after taste testing all of these mouthwatering mixtures, we’ve certainly stocked up on health benefits for a long, long time…🤣

1. Skinny Greens + Collagen

Mango Glow & Go

Our green superfood powder, Skinny Greens, gives you 36 of your essential daily nutrients in one mango flavored scoop. Plus, it’s packed with healthy pre- and probiotics to improve gut health and digestion. 

If you’re obsessed with mango, try combining Skinny Greens with Super Youth Unflavored Collagen Peptides. Because our unflavored collagen has an undetectable taste when combined with flavored beverages, you’ll keep your favorite mango flavor on high, while adding in age-reversing benefits like youthful skin and stronger joints.

If you’re looking for a twist on your beloved mango flavor, mix in one scoop of Super Youth Collagen Orange Pineapple. This combo will transport you to a tropical island that you’ll never want to leave!

Can you mix super youth products?

2. Skinny Greens + Detox 

Lean Greens

Speaking of delectable tastes, Super Youth Detox Tea, Lemon Berry Passion, packs a unique flavor punch that will have you saying, “wow!” after each sip. When you combine its bloat-reducing, waist-slimming, immunity-boosting benefits with the powerful pre- and probiotics in Super Youth Skinny Greens, you’ll be running to the closet to put on your best pair of skinny jeans!The flavor of these two together is unlike any other, so give your taste buds a fair warning, they’re about to get on the most delicious ride of their lifetime!

3. Detox + Collagen

Very Berry Youthful

By now you already know the incredible benefits of our Detox Tea. From supporting your weight loss goals and providing natural energy, to being your best immune system sidekick, there’s no denying that Detox Tea leaves your body feeling refreshed and renewed! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, we’ve done the impossible! Drum roll please…

You can get rid of harmful toxins and experience all of the amazing benefits listed above, PLUS get smooth skin, healthier, hair and nails, and stronger bones and joints AT THE SAME TIME, when you combine Super Youth Detox Tea and Super Youth Collagen Peptides! 

We know we know, we’re excited too…

Our Detox Tea and Unflavored Collagen pairs perfectly if you want to keep the distinct, delicious taste of Lemon Berry Passion. 

And if you want to switch it up during the week, try mixing Detox Tea and our Orange Pineapple Collagen. We could try and describe it, but it’s a flavor profile all of its own—don’t worry, you will NOT be disappointed! Think palm trees and paradise, with the relaxing vibes of a day spa. You’re welcome…

Hitting your health goals can be tough, especially if you’re always on the go. That’s why we created the most mighty combos to help get you there faster and easier, in the most delicious way possible! Enjoy! 

women enjoying super youth products